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QWICC™ – Windows HMI Commodity Control

Superior Technologies’ QWICC™ (Quality Windowed Intelligent Commodity Controller) system is a multi-tasking real time Windows based HMI (Human Machine Interface) controlling package. As our advanced plant control system, QWICC™ is designed specifically for controlling grain elevator facilities with multiple BulkWeighers and truck scales. Any number of QWICC™ workstations may be interfaced via a fast Ethernet connection to a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to handle all receiving, audit/transfer, shipping, blending and cleaning tasks.

The PLC is connected to all electrical input/output devices. Examples of input devices include limit switches, motor overloads, drag tail ends, etc. Outputs are generally motor starters controlling legs, drags, scale/bin gates, distributors, etc. Each QWICC™ HMI workstation is capable of performing multiple shipping, audit, receiving, blending and cleaning functions simultaneously. The network architecture allows for redundancy (in the unlikely event of workstation failure) to keep your facility entirely operational.

QWICC™ uses Microsoft™SQL Server and comes with full documentation in the form of a Help File (Includes: Maintenance Log and inventory control).