100% duty cycle motor

Hazardous Rating of Class 2, Division 1
110V Single-Phase Power
Variable Frequency Drive
Faster Extend and Retract Time
Sample Size of 200 to 300 Grams
Enclosed Design


With its 100% duty cycle, the motor on the new PS18-C2D1-2 Probe Sampler doesn’t need to cool down in-between sample cycles. Its extend and retract time of three to four seconds is 50% faster than its predecessor, giving you samples at a faster rate.

This model has a hazardous zone rating of Class 2 Division 1, making it ideal for running in high-risk dust explosion zones or in cold temperatures like -30 C.

While similar in size to previous probe samplers from Superior Scales, the new PS18-C2D1-2 Probe Sampler is smaller than other industry cross-cut samplers, which significantly reduces its overall cost, making it both convenient and affordable for any operation.

The PS18-C2D1-2 Probe Sampler VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) has advanced features like the built-in PLC with custom programming. It will also interface to customers control system using hardwired IO.