Service Support Agreements

We’ve developed a two-step plan to meet your ongoing maintenance challenges.


Step 1: Preserve, Protect, Prevent

Our weighing systems specialists will visit your facility and conduct a comprehensive, preventative and protective maintenance check. The frequency and the specifics of these services are determined in advance with on-site service visits, which are scheduled by mutual agreement.

Step 2: Access, Analyze, Apply

After our weighing systems specialist has completed the on-site inspection, all information will be electronically classified and stored in the online facility directory.

Additional PMP Options

Superior Scales also provides you with optional services to enhance your Preventive Maintenance Program. Our Support PLUS and Scale Inspection PLUS Agreements help improve the overall operating efficiency of your facility.

Support PLUS Agreement

Do your facilities need off-warranty control and weighing system service during the year? We offer helpful phone support from 8 am – 5 pm CST, Monday to Friday.

Scale Inspection PLUS Agreement

This agreement offers you scale inspection and full Measurement Canada approved certification of all your scale and weighing systems. All of this is offered at a preferred labour rate with pro-rated travel and vehicle expenses.

Customer Assurance

At Superior, our goal is to keep your critical facility systems operating at their peak performance and capacity.

Want to take advantage of the Superior Scales’ Preventive Maintenance Program?